Good Enough

by Eddie and the Heartbeats

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Recorded 2017-2018 at Four Walls Studio and Bathtub Studio
Engineered and mastered by Ed Varga
Cover art by Kolmel with Love

Thank you
Corrie Bennett Varga, Jody Bleyle, Donna Dresch, Christian Schroeder, Kolmel with Love, Alex Albers, Sara Seinberg, Janna and Jules Valencia, Jono Kornfeld, Nicole Lumetta, Neil Diericks, Andrea Stolpe, The Homobiles, Doug Greenhahl (RIP), Noel Hanson, B. David Küchenmeister, Wendy Reid, Alison Neumann Zugschwert, Patrik Dousa, Jerry Lee Abram, Patrick Maley, Taylor Mansmann, Hilda May


released April 20, 2018

Ed Varga: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Keyboards, Drums and drum programming
Corrie Bennett Varga: Violin
All songs written by Ed Varga
Copyright Ed Varga


all rights reserved



Eddie and the Heartbeats San Francisco, California

Eddie and the Heartbeats is Ed Varga, founder of the Homo A Go Go music and arts festival. He's played drums in many bands, most recently with The Homobiles.This is his first solo release. "I try to bring a lot of tenderness, honesty and vulnerability along with some goofiness and dark humor to my song writing."Ed is a queer identified trans man who lives in San Francisco on a dead end street. ... more

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Track Name: Whiskey and Chocolate For Dinner
Whiskey and Chocolate

It’s 2AM and I’m wide awake
My stomach rumbles just like an earthquake
My legs land on shore over my ship’s side
My bare feet tense up on the cold floor
Heartache and hunger push me through the door
Towards the fridge, I dream of what’s inside

You left a note behind
Left me alone with no appetite

I had Whiskey and chocolate for dinner
Since you left our humble home
I can’t stand to sit at this table alone
So I had whiskey and chocolate for dinner tonight

A dark room, my shin and a coffee table
the story you told was quite a fable
The thoughts knocking in my head are oh so loud
At dinner time my stomach was in knots
You met someone, is the gist of the plot
I pull the fridge handle and think of what we vowed

You packed your bags and left
I stayed here and became a mess


You said you were bored with us
I know I deserve so much better
For you there’s nothing to discuss
I’ll throw away this love letter
and make this sandwich double decker

I’m pining for pizza like it’s a lover’s ballad
But there’s only healthy fixin’s for a salad
Tonight I’ll cry but maybe this is for the best
You might be gone for good or just clearing your head
Should I stretch out and take your side of the bed?
At 3AM I go back to sail the seas of rest

I’ll sleep it off for now
tomorrow I’ll try again to chow

Track Name: On The Right Track
On The Right Track

Sit with me let's play some cards
Across the world or in our backyard
Let’s reminisce about our first kiss
This hand you dealt is a real doozy

The queen of gin
you always win
a little grin
and my heart swims

I might not be the best dance partner
and you don't want to share your snacks
we're going to get dusty on this trail
But baby I think we're on the right track

Seventeen years since we first met
I caught your eye but I was shy
Ten years ago just blocks away,
I went in for that very first kiss

I tried to sneak
you turned your cheek
your knees went weak
and fell to the street


Everyone's lost on Tokyo's streets
Should we divorce?
Hell no, of course
Costa Rica's equator beach
A scalding sea deceives
and will leave you real peeved.

There's no relief
From the heat
But you're still sweet
and pretty neat

Track Name: Nugget Of Love
Nugget of Love

I drove up I-5 to Tacoma
on a rainy October night
A big eyed pug I named Loretta
You looked up at me I couldn’t fight
So much better than
a big hunk of gold
a little nugget of love

With a two ton personality
on trips to the beach, you’d lose your mind
You always loved a party
You’d circle, screech, shake your behind
So much better than
a big hunk of gold
a little nugget of love

She used Jedi mind tricks to get fed
She snacked on Christmas ornaments
made of gingerbread
Grooming turned her into John Cena
I have the scars to prove it
I still love that little shit

You loved ketchup on your fries
Six inch legs eight minute miles
Tug of war gave you wild eyes
You ran our wedding rings down the aisle
So much better than
a big hunk of gold
a little nugget of love
Track Name: Give This City the Middle Finger
Give This City the Middle Finger

I bundle up and brave the June winter
Summer is a mirage in the distance
There’s a beach but you won’t want to linger
Glimpses of skin are non-existent

I’ll take the touchdown of a twister
and downpours with claps of thunder 
You can keep your earthquakes, mister
Does our survival kit have enough liquor

I could box up my precious things
And trade in my responsibilities
For the freedom of a bare key ring
I’ll give this city the middle finger
I’m searching for different backdrop
Book a vacation to comparison shop
I’ll give this city the middle finger
Apartments and menus get pricier
My glass and dreams both need a refill
Our street had more charm when it was dicier
Staying here feels like standing still


There are no hot summer nights
But still I have a real good life
Better weather may be an excuse
to reinvent and become someone new
Life always feels like a cinch
When you’re seeing it as a tourist
I’ll give this city the middle finger
Track Name: Everyday Life
Everyday Life

My tires rumble on the shoulder
I crack the windows for air
This coffee sucks and it’s gotten colder
I picture you in my rear view mirror

On the weekdays the miles divide
No dinners cooked in tandem
No kisses to say goodnight
I want more than just the weekend

I wish we had and everyday life
We could run errands
We could get into fights
I wish we had an everyday life
I wish we had an everyday life

We could shack up and settle down
And embrace domesticity
Stop shuttling between our towns
It all sounds pretty sweet


Will one of move?
Leave one life behind
and start something brand new

Track Name: Little Red Lemon
Little Red Lemon

Woke up one sunny morning with
Dreams of a ride on our minds
Made a phone call
Scheduled a time
For a test drive

Handed the guy
Our hard earned cash for just
A chance to ride

Little red lemon
My red lemon
Bang, bang, bang goes little red lemon
My red lemon
Bang, bang, bang goes little red lemon

Verse 2
Sputter down 16th all the way
Just for a view of the bay
Knocking and grinding
Shifting and squealing
Smoke pouring from behind

My oh my
I want to cry
What did we buy


Push it into the shop and then
One look, the guy laughs and says
You bought yourself
A real lemon
There’s no hope to revive

And now it sits
Chained to the fence
After one ride

Track Name: Let's Play Hooky
Let’s Play Hooky

February cold and gray
Outside another dull workday 
It could be hell or just okay
Let’s not find out, please stay

You could clean up a co-worker’s mess
Or stay home and don’t get dressed
At your desk, a joyless sack lunch
Or go out for mimosa brunch
I’ve got a great idea
Let’s play hooky

Let’s play hooky
Just for today
Stay home and play
Let’s play hooky

Another pointless staff meeting
we’d be better off sleeping
Hold your tongue and do as your told
Or popcorn, movies, my hand to hold
I’ve got a great idea
Let’s play hooky

Let’s steal our souls back
Before we crack
We deserve a day off
So pick up the phone and fake a cough

Take a breather in a stinky break room
or crank up some music and croon
Do it over the boss’s way 
or take a mental health day
I’ve got a great idea
Let’s play hooky

Track Name: Young, Tender and Blue
Young Tender and Blue
(For Christian)

Back in 1989
We had all of the best times
and always best soundtrack
just kids, we didn’t know jack

Fugazi, Pixies and VU
happy hours with free food
Stickin’ it to the man
Had no future and no plan

And now I wish
I could run downstairs
like I used to
just to see what you’re up to

We were young, tender and blue
everything so fresh and new
just trying to make our way through
Years later we’re still true blue
There’s nothing for you I wouldn't do
Back then, we were young, tender and blue

Nights spent knocking back a few
days a crappy job or two
Dinners at the laundromat
mac and cheese spin cycle chat


Now we’re two time zones away
and we’re all grown up
Boy and girlfriends come and gone
We didn’t need them anyway
I used to be a different gender
we both were more slender
I’m not made out of glue
But I’m sticking with you

Track Name: Just Give Me More Time
Just Give Me More Time

You say you've got to leave
In us you don't believe
These walls are way too small
You can't see through it all

Just give me more time to change your mind
Just give me more time to change your mind

You've got so many doubts
So you want to get out
There's just no other way
I'm on my knees please stay


I see you everyday
And somehow we're estranged
Let’s not throw this away
Let’s work to make things okay

You still want a brand new view
There's nothing I can do
A note left on the table
You'll call when you are able
Track Name: Dead End Street
Dead End Street

The wall on our block traps all the cars within
In the air there’s pollen mixed in with city grime
Trash blowing in the wind hanging on a tree limb
I watch my dreams float down a river of time

It’s a dead end street (repeat)

Jasmine and Lemons compete for the same air
Burritos half eaten fill a dumpster each day
Out in the plaza people need change the spare
Around the corner rich tech kids have their way


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